Body Concert

BODY CONCERT redefines the limits of puppet theatre. Without a word for nearly an hour, it leads the audience into a dark dream reflecting on the notion of life and death. This show is so strong and enchanting. Bold. Amazing. Shocking.

le Nouvelliste

LEG with Other

Oversized anatomical puppet limbs come to evocative life in a wordless meditation on our relationship with impermanence. Influenced by Japanese Butoh and performed to a bittersweet sonic score, BODY CONCERT is a hauntingly romantic puppet/dance hybrid eschewing any traditional sense of story or character.

Kevin Augustine executes an unusual and extremely rigorous solo choreography using his hands, feet and outstretched legs to achingly animate these foam-rubber body parts stripped of their skin in a moving sculpture of muscles, tendon and bones.

Performed as a succession of solo and duet vignettes (under 60 min total), BODY CONCERT embraces a pure minimalist spectacle as themes of our universal humanness organically emerge in a primal physicality that transcends intellectualization.

Unforgettable tenderly grotesque images appear and dissolve within shifting environments of falling snow and lingering vapor: a legless torso walks on antique prosthetic limbs; a quivering leg is caressed by a detached arm; a sightless baby floats through a winter storm; a giant eye gives birth to itself...

With no text and therefore no language barriers, BODY CONCERT is meant for international audiences-- fully expressing LWT's mission to investigate, challenge and spellbind by venturing to the edges of theatrical form and the human experience.

BODY CONCERT has been developed in artistic residencies in Canada and Norway through Les Sages Fous and Ella Fiskum Danz. It will be workshopped in 2018 in the St. Ann's Puppet Lab & has received support through the Brooklyn Arts Council. Premiere: Canada 2018.