Hobo Grunt Cycle


Hobo Grunt Cycle

is a theatrical circus pantomime provocatively exposing the true costs of war. Exploring the post-war legacy of soldiers by making empathetic connections between wounded veterans and injured pit bulls, a silent Tramp clown (Kevin Augustine) toils to heal the scars of violence by nursing his beloved pet dog back to health.

"Hobo Grunt Cycle is Pretty Damn Amazing!"

Cheryl Henson -President of the Jim Henson Foundation

Developed over 6 years with a 2014 commission from Dixon Place in NYC, Hobo Grunt Cycle mixes the little known circus-clown hierarchy with the military industrial complex to silently speak about peace. As the lowliest of clown types, the tramp clown (never one to throw a pie but always sure be hit with it) parallels the Grunt Soldiers who obediently fight and die in the wars they themselves never create.  A further parallel shows the barbarity of dog fighting juxtaposed against our perpetual military conflicts, as many vets live a suicidal postwar life eerily similar to fight dogs—so badly injured they must be "put down".   In a most unusual way, this production urgently asks audiences to rethink the necessity of violence in our conflict resolutions.