Michelangelo believed his sculptures already existed in the uncut marble...So too your puppet in a block of foam.
Puppet Sculpting Workshop

Tap into your creative potential by learning to sculpt your very own puppet!  Limitless possibilities await you in this fun, hands-on carving workshop.

Working from a sketch or photograph, you'll transform a 2D visual into a fantastic three-dimensional character using LWT's  “subtractive-sculpting” techniques, led by artistic director, Kevin Augustine. 

Next workshop: Jan 14th, 2018 (SUN)
11:00am - 2:30pm

Space is limited. Sign up today!

*Participants need no sculpting experience but should be of age to use the cutting knives.

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BREAKOUT Character Workshop

Discover your puppet's unique personality in this fun & engaging
companion workshop. You'll surprise yourself as you learn the
tools to create a rich character life (both inner & outer), exploring  personality, physical identity and how to get your new puppet talking (voice not included!).

90 minutes (private and group sessions available). 

Next workshop: Jan 14th, 2018 (SUN)
3:00pm - 4:30pm
(scheduled after sculpting class) 

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Workshops take place at LWT Studio     138 South Oxford St. Brooklyn, NY 11217         class fee is non refundable