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A hauntingly romantic duet of muscles, tendons and bone... Inspired by Japanese Butoh dance... a minimalistic spectacle achingly animated in an extremely rigorous solo choreography. an enigmatic meditation on life's beautiful impermanence. 

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Casteliers Puppet Festival - Montreal

Micro Festival - The Netherlands

Puppets in the Green Mountains- Vermont

Puppets in Portland- Maine


La MaMa Puppet Festival 



Fabrique de  Théâtre Insolite - Quebec

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BODY CONCERT is a 50 minute solo show performed to a bittersweet electroacoustic score by Mark Bruckner.  Elevating our shared humanity while highlighting our vulnerability and resiliency, this dance/puppet hybrid expands genre boundaries without a text or language barriers.  With heartbreaking hints of nature throughout,  Body Concert  poetically resonates:

we are alive with life all around us.

CREDITS: A co-production with Canadian company Les Sages Fous. Puppets/direction/performance: Kevin Augustine. Musical Composition: Mark Bruckner; Lighting Design: Ayumu Poe Saegusa; Masks & Mold Making: Gloria Sun; Technical wizard & Set design: Ilya Vett. Photos: Richard Termine / Vane Terran

LES SAGES FOUS: "Proud, honored and moved to have contributed to such a striking, intense and rich work. Between 2016 and 2019, Lone Wolf Tribe traveled from Trois-Rivières to New York to work on the creative stages of BODY CONCERT  in our future Fabrique de Théâtre Insolite. This co-production was, for Les Sages Fous, a wonderful example of what we hope to encourage with our venue: works that come from the gut and redefine our art.  Kudos to Kevin Augustine and his tremendous work!“

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