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Challenging war's futility with puppetry and pathos, this nearly silent pantomime forges empathetic links between wounded soldiers, injured pit bulls, and the hierarchy of circus clowns alongside the military industrial complex. The post-war legacy for countless veterans is exposed when a lowly tramp clown, rescuing his beloved dog from a side-show fight ring, toils to heal the deep scars of violence.   

Hobo Grunt cycle


Ten Must-See Spring Season Bay Area Plays: You may think you have an aversion to pit bulls, clowns, or both, but don't let that stop you from checking this out. 



 After the "one true God" concept of monotheism utterly conquers polytheism's belief in a multitude of deities, (along with the reign of the Mother Goddess), God the Father sits alone in a decrepit paradise, battling dementia, loneliness and regret. Juggling his schizophrenic alter egos as Yahweh, Jehovah & Allah, along with the billons of prayers from his believers below, The Almighty must come up with one last good idea to save a crumbling world— and his own legacy.