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Alone in a barren paradise, God the Father battles dementia along with a bottomless backlog of prayer requests. Featuring Catskill-style comedy, bloody puppetry and a tour-de-force performance by the Almighty  himself, all cosmic hell breaks loose when the "Man Upstairs" uncovers a secret from his ancient past he'd rather remain forgotten: 

What happened to the Mother Goddess who once shared his heavenly throne?


Puppet genius... Astonishing... Brilliant & harrowing— One of the most startlingly intense shows I've seen

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This raucous and darkly humorous investigation into the secret history of God was produced by La MaMa, opening their 55th season in the Ellen Stewart Theatre in 2016. Exploring the ancient bloody shift from matriarchy to patriarchy with concomitant cosmic regret, The God Projekt uncovers how divine misdeeds have framed our cultural origins.

CREDITS: Script/puppets/direction/performance: Kevin Augustine; co-writer, co-director: Edward Einhorn; Sets & video: Tom Lee; Lighting: Jennette Yu; Sound: Mark Bruckner; Costumes: Ciera Wells; Props: Gloria Sun; Technical Wizard and mechanics: Ilya Vett; Puppeteers: Emily Marsh & Joseph Garner. Photos: Connor Augustine, Jim Moore, Richard Termine 

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