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Puppet Workshops


Puppet Sculpting

*Participants need no sculpting experience but should be of age to use cutting knives.

You provide the sketch or photograph for inspiration and we'll lead you in a unique & fun, step-by-step process to sculpt your one-of-a-kind puppet. Tap into your creative potential with limitless possibilities awaiting you in this hands-on workshop!

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 Character Breakout 



After you sculpt your puppet character, discover who they want to be in this engaging companion workshop. Surprise yourself as you develop their physical life and character motivations, plus how to get them talking!

90 minutes (private and group sessions available). 

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Puppet Technique (Bunraku)

Discover Lone Wolf Tribe’s methods for bringing the inanimate to life.         

Designed for budding puppeteers, theatre students and any multi-disciplinary theatre maker. 

Drawing on the principals of Bunraku puppetry (three-person teams)  we'll work together to create puppet life that is both believable and dynamically rich. Mask focus, breath awareness and the emotional body will be our guides.

Experience puppetry's limitless artistic expression while learning the

tools that can leave an audience breathless.

Workshops can be individually tailored. Running from 1.5 - 3 hours or 

over multiple days. Inquire at

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